the journey

My journey as a designer has taken on many faces during my career as a florist. Traveling the world for several years helped me hone in on my skills & gave me direction. Living in Thailand & Europe, I fell in love with beautiful fabrics, gemstones, & exotic flowers. I eventually made my home in Hawaii more than 20 years ago & it is truly the most beautiful & inspiring place to live in the world.

After creating my floral business "Designs by Hemingway", I became the in house florist for the Prestigious Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Honolulu for 10 years designing weddings & parties for celebrities & an international cliental.

One of the most frequently asked questions from my bridal clients was "How can I preserve my bridal bouquet & take it home with me?" Wanting to do more than just preserve fresh flowers, I set my aims high & created a line of couture bridal bouquets & accessories designed with feathered plumes, vintage buttons, brooches, pretty silk ribbons & jewels. Voila', "La Plume Couture" was born January 2010.

I am also adding to La Plume Couture's line, my own personal collection of Vintage Hats & am excited to present our newest line of feathered Petite Hand bags created exclusively for La Plume Couture by the talented designer Heather Saffery.

A lot of love & spirit has gone into the creation of this company. Please enjoy our web site.

Merci & Aloha

Debbie Hemingway