Always being the seeker of new inspiration in creating my designs, I kept going back to my grandmothers vintage wooden sewing box that was given to me after her passing. As a child, I entertained myself for hours sifting through the many treasures that she had collected & had hidden away in the sewing box : antique buttons, jewel brooches & old postcards. Starting to play around with a few strands of pearls, an old brooch, & a feathered plume, I created my first bridal bouquet. Voila', "La Plume Couture" was born.

There is something wildly feminine & steeped with nostalgia that a feathered plume evokes. La Plume Couture captures a modern interpretation of this nostalgic accent...

  • a single plume on a grooms lapel
  • a beautiful bracelet accented with a plume & vintage brooch
  • a baby blue marabou feather fluttering on a hand bag
  • a sensual french/ birdcage style veiling hair piece accented with a rhinestone plume
  • a signature feathered & shell bridal bouquet or posey for the mother of the bride

Also offering my personal collection of Vintage hats. Vintage Hats have always been a coveted designer object. The hats seem to come "Alive" when you put them on! Whether worn by screen idol, Greta Garbo, designed by top couture house, Balenciaga, or popularized by iconic figures such as Jackie O, vintage hats are perfect beautiful masterpieces.

At La Plume Couture, our creations honor special moments in time with a modern aesthetic, whimsy style, & feminine sensuality. Created individually by hand to achieve a couture signature piece for you. Custom orders designed upon request.

Debbie Hemingway